Ok, I’m the son of a drummer and I love that instrument, but over the years it turned out to be some outlet genealogical consciousness that led me to work with the so-called ‘electronic music’. I grew up in the jazz culture and maybe that’s why I love improvisation, especially if radical. I have worked with many people experiencing different approaches expressive, but what I prefer is the simple resonance between individuals: to give expression to diversitys through the loss of own original structure.

        Yes, this is my very first electronic approach. In 1998 I called it RADIOISPIRAZIONI and it’s the series of improvisations exploring the concept of radio aleatoric emissions; the radio music source involves the incorporation of change and randomness of analog filters.

        This is my second electronic approach. I called it ETNOFILTRI and it’s a series of improvisations exploring the analog filters possibility with ‘etno-music-situations’ source. ..an intercultural meditation.

        This is my special third electronic approach and I called it PSICOSCILLAZIONI; this word represents a psychic perception life of the body’s point of view. How can dance with internal synapses reference? Psicoscillazioni nears the more irrational dimension of our inside motion with rational and binary dimension, impost and accepted socially like a legislative poise. Analog filters hook up or tune of rhythmic impulse generated from drum synthesizer and matched or harmonize by radio frequency source. It’s defined by some as ‘tecno naturale’!

        This is my last electronic approach and I called it INCERTEZZE; it’s a series of improvisations exploring the uncertainty dimensions. This way will allow to the instrument an independence from their performer.